About Valparaiso Men's Chorus

Individually, they're some of the most talented musicians in the great city of New Orleans, plus a few outlying ne'er do-wells and general lowdown characters. Collectively, they're the Valparaiso Men's Chorus,and together they re a glorious mess, an unruly assemblage of wannabe swabs.

Their most recent recording has the Chorus blowing at full gale,with guitar, drums, sousaphone, washboard, pennywhistle and trombone hitting the devil s own choir at ramming speed, resulting in what can only be described as cosmic naval music. Fueled by copious amounts of beer and Lord knows what else, they stomp and they chant, they toot and they bang, and when they do, they re the finest essayers of sea shanties on land or sea. From elegiac ballads about home and hearth to delightfully profane odes to the holiest of holies, this recording captures the Chorus in full seasick swing at their beloved Saturn Bar.

Sing and sway with them, raise a glass with them, and always remember: keep your cuntholes warm.

Come See Us Perform

There is nothing like seeing the Valparaiso Men's Chorus in person. Check out when we will be playing next, or see what show you might have missed.